Borneo Romance Escapade, on MTBs | Day 1| Part 1/5

Tour location : Kota Belud, Tambatuon, Kiau Valley, Kg Kaung and Lasau Podi.

Date : 2nd - 4th May 2016.

Tour : Ultimate Adventure Tour, 3 Days 2 Nights with a touch of romance (not us, but the couple).

The couple : Mr & Mrs Tan.

And the 3 stooges : Jeff, Christy and Pat.

Media tools : A smartphone, yep that's it.

Borneo Romance Escapade, on MTBs.

A journey of romantic cycling/trekking/food devouring escapade in Borneo. Mr & Mrs Tan rendered the whole tour as if they were in a romantic 60s novel. I've never read a novel to the end. Completing half of page 1 of a 5cm would be a major accomplishment.


Their (Mr and Mrs Tan) journey reminds me of a 2014 romantic Malaysian movie - "The Journey". -

Left : Real life Borneo romantic escapade.

Mr & Mrs Tan on MTBs (Jeff as guide only. not as the other pair).

Right : "The Journey". Photo taken from

There's a similarity ya. Close enough.

Here's a Mr & Mrs Tan's version of "The Journey". Enjoy!


- The Journey -

Part 1/5

0600am, (while Christy was still asleep).

Preparing our love/hate Ford truck before meeting up with the couple, Mr & Mrs Tan.

Final check - walkies, first aid kit, docs, all sort spares, all sorted out.. Ah Jeff..we forgot Jeff.

0700am, Bukit Kusai, Bike Borneo's meeting point.

Christy caught looking busy tying up something to something. The journey from Kota Kinabalu took approximately 1 hour before arriving here at Bukit Kusai, Tamparuli.

Bukit Kusai is located in a remote area. Known for its MTB downhill trails and majestic scenic Borneo views.

0700am, Bukit Kusai, Bike Borneo's meeting point.

The look of Bukit Kusai Cafe, serves one of the best Rojak and Beef noodle soup.

Not into cycling? just try the noodle then,

0930am, Kiau Valley, the Journey's starting point.

Greeted by the guardian of Kiau Valley.

Kiau Valley is the starting point of "The Journey".

Checks, safety/technical/route briefings of all sorts, and a final reminder to - Enjoy!

0940am, Kiau Valley, the Journey's starting point.

Left :Christy working hard on lubricating a already lubricated chain - not pretending though.

Right : Jeff being camera shy.

This is the starting of our most top tour '3 Days 2 Nights Ultimate Adventure Tour" . Starts from the top, Kiau Valley, then roll down to Kaung village. The ride takes you on scenic majestic Borneo view. A bit misty at times. Here's one of the most awesome view taken with a so so camera phone.

Mesmerizing view from Kiau Valley, over looking Kaung village. See the route in the middle. That's where Mr & Mrs Tan beat Jeff on hill climb. Yep, awesomeness!

Jeff's bike. White Scott Aspect 29, hardtaill.

Mr Tan's bike. Blue Scott Aspect 29, hardtail.

Mrs Tan's bike. Blue Scott Aspect 29, hardtail. With a modded seat for cushy comfort. Thanks to Jeff.

Christy rehearsing his umbrella boy role before the ride.

0950am, Kiau Valley, Jeff's rare occasion of seriousness - safety briefing.

Briefing just before the ride. Jeff stressed on the utmost important - safety.

The ride starts with going through Kiau village, before reaching a local school, there's steep asphalt downhill. Scenery is awesomely beautiful, hence the need to wake up (from dazzling through Kiau Valley mesmerizing view).

1010am, Kiau Valley, picture time. Just before the ride

From left : Jeff, Mr Tan and Mrs Tan.

1010am, Kiau Valley, support vehicle. Just in case.

Support carries spares, first aid kit, more water and Isotonic drink. There are some route where the ole Red Ford is unable to follow through. This is when "walkie talkie" comes handy.

1020am, Kiau Valley, ride begins.

Through Kiau valley towards Kaung village. Cool breeze, misty at times,

Kiau Valley.

At this point, Chirsty was driving the truck, while i was at the back, outside, on top, taking shots.

Mr Tan was at the front enjoying the roll (and breeze), Jeff looked a bit concern at this time as Mr Tan got carried away leaving Mrs Tan.

Kiau Valley, re-group.

A short stop for "picture time" at the best spot is - Jeff's secret technique reminding Mr Tan not to get carried away. Jeff (Red helmet) smile of success.

Kiau Valley, re-group, picture time!

A shot from the top of the truck. Mr Tan's pose challenged Christy. Note - Christy's hand on hip pose indicating not accepting defeat.

Kiau Valley, overlooking Kaung village.

Awesome view. Mid-left, Mt Tambuyukon, the third highest mountain in Malaysia.

Kaung village.

A short stop at Kaung village before proceeding to another part of the same village. An uphill climb where Mr Tan beat Jeff on a uphill race, again got carried away leaving Mrs Tan behind!

Kaung village, there's a school close by (sorry, didn't have the chance for school photos).

Going towards a steep hill where Mr Tan beat Jeff on a uphill race,

Jeff nowhere to be as Mrs Tan. Again Mr Tan got carried away leaving Mrs Tan behind!

Jeff and Mrs Tan are catching up!'s a close race!

And he wins!! Mr Tan won the race!!

The result of trying to catch up with her husband. Mrs Tan ran out of fuel.

Luckily, Jeff the ever handy guide offers towing service as well with no extra charge!

Towing service at work. 1 rider with 2 bikes, you don't see that often.

Rest on top/end of the hill. Jeff slowly walks away from Mrs Tan's little talk on Mr Tan's previous "got carried away" up hill moments.

Christy vanished into the be continued!

End Of "The Journey"

Part 1/5

Alright folks, hope you enjoyed part 1/5 of Mr and Mrs Tan's

Borneo Romance Escapade, on MTBs.

Don't forget next week episode, where Christ suddenly appears out of the bush, fish spa spots, Trek though the jungle towards Tambatuon Resthouse.

1000 shots of photos were taken during this tour. Filtered them down to 200 plus of awesome Borneo majestic scenes.

Don't forget to share/like this Blog.

Comment below, let me know what would you like to add in:)

This is the tour Mr & Mrs Tan did : Ultimate Adventure Tour 3 days 2 nights

See you next week!

Thank you!

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Borneo romance escapade

When adventure and romance collide - true romance story from Borneo:)

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